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Saigon - Ben Tre - Vung Liem – Tra On - Can Tho – Long Xuyen - Chau Doc – My Luong - Cao Lanh – Xeo Quyt - Sai Gon
Vietnam's Mekong Delta has more than 40,000 square kilometers of fertile soil and plenty of freshwaters. Mekong Delta is a grand ecology. The rivers and their myriad tributaries are the basis of daily subsistence and a vital means of transportation – essentially acting as country roads. Viewing the river delta and its biological diversity while cycling along the riverside on back roads is a beautiful and unique way to explore and experience the heart and soul of this region. Throughout four days trip, we will visit a. Very night stay at major cities; Tra Vinh, Can Tho, Chau Doc, Cao Lanh, and every day we will travel on unique routes, through charming villages that show local life.


Day 1: Saigon - Ben Tre - Vung Liem

Commence your trip with 1. hour travel on the road to Mekong Delta. On arrive at a rural village, just a few km from Tan An city, pick the bike for the morong ride. We cycle into family farms, enjoy the most beautiful scenic countryside, ride on varied terrains, concrete, dirt lance through lush vegetation, and discover the authentic local life along the hamlets. Visit some families and see villagers make handbags, hats and other things. All are make of local materials.

Break for lunch at a the locally owned restaurants in My Tho city. Then relax on support vehicle transfer 1 hour to the rural Dist of Ben Tre for the afternoon ride. The rural Districts offer peaceful landscapes, amazing smooth paths, and dirt paths through waterpalm and vibrant villages. You will wander through hamlets, across the water channels by small ferry boats, and ride on several narrow bridges without rails. Today’s ride will end at Co Co Chien bridge, get on support vehicles for a short transfer to Trung Nghia Village- Vung Liem. Check in the luxury Coco Riverside Lodge

  • Coco Riverside Lodge
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • 25 - 50km
  • Flat - rural paths
  • Support vehicles
  • Cold water, snacks, fruits
Day 2: Vung Liem – Tra On - Can Tho

The farmers here get up and work early in the morning, so it’s a great time to see the local daily activities around villages: taking fruits to local markets by mopeds or sampan boats. Watering the vegetables and fruits on their farmlands, the elderly go to small markets nearby. Then go back to the homestay for breakfast by the river.

We cycle from the Coco Riverside Lodge and make some stops to meet locals working on lush farmlands, and learn how to make rice crops. Wave locals working on rice paddy fields, take its easy as you cycle on opened air paths across rice paddy fields, and make many stops at local home business workshops. Experience the lifestyles and daily activities of Khmer and Vietnamese on the riverside trails, which make it possible to enjoy the greenery and fresh air through villages. Venture into Khmer hamlets, learn more about Theravada Buddhism, visit the beautiful Pagodas and encounter the Khmer monks. Enjoy the amazing Mekong Delta scenery

There are many stops along the country roads for endless photos and tasting fresh fruit from orchards. Break for lunch at a local restaurant before continuing cycling to Tra On. We take a publish ferry, cross the river to Luc Si Island, then continue cycling cross the islands, taste seasonal fruit at local orchards, and take another ferry to the mainland where we ride on trails alongside the Mekong River the Can Tho suspension bridge. We hop on the van for a short transfer to Can Tho City.

  • TTC Premium Can Tho
  • Breafast/ Lunch/ Dinner
  • 25 - 70km
  • Flat - rural paths
  • support vehicles
  • cold water, snacks, fruits
Day 3: Can Tho – Long Xuyen - Chau Doc

Can Tho City is known as the Capital City of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and is famous for its Cai Rang floating market. It’s one of the most top tourist attractions in the Delta region. Why’s it is? Simply because it’s a real one.

After breakfast, enjoy a motorized boat trip to the bustling floating market and enjoy watching the waterway’s local morning activities. Your boat will get through and around the market slowly. There are many wooden boats of different sizes. Bigger boats are wholesalers and anchored, while smaller boats move around and look for trading partners. The other tiny sampans sell light breakfasts; noodle soups, broken rice with porks, coffee, and soft drinks. The floating market opens all day, but it is busiest from sunrise to about 9 am. The primary items for trading are farm products and other commodities. The items for sales are hung up on a pole of bigger boats as for advertising.

Following the market, you will get off the boat and explore another busy land market before the beautiful ride to Chau Doc. It’s a long way from Can Tho to Chau Doc, so our adventure day will divide today’s ride into 2 sections.

The morning is 30 km on shady paths, sharing space with local mopeds and pushbikes, passing numerous villages, and explore backwaters of rural Dists. The routes in My Khanh, and Binh Thuy are the dirt lances, concrete paths through lush orchards, lush farms of many kinds of fruits, and enjoy visiting Chinese pagoda, experiencing the daily life of locals along the river banks. Visit one of the most beautiful mandarin landlords’ houses in the 19th-century in the Mekong Delta. This house had recognized as an official national relic by the Ministry of Culture. Built-in 1870, the house structure is a blend of Asian and European culture and characteristics. The exterior was French style, and the interior was a traditional Vietnamese house—lunch en route before 2. hours transfer to Chau Phu.

From Chau Phu, we 20 km cycle through vast rice paddy fields, tiny hamlets, and colourful Vietnamese pagodas with a giant buddha statue,  continue pedalling along man-made canals, pass thatched shelters, palm trees, and raised farms. It’s good timing to enjoy cycling and viewing the verdant countryside and views the Sam mountain scenery. The afternoon’s ride ends at Sam Mountain and transfers on a winding road to Victoria Sam Lodge. Enjoy the sunset by swimming pool and looking over the Cambodia border.

  • Victoria Sam Lodge resort
  • Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
  • 25 - 50 km
  • Flat - rural paths
  • support vehicles
  • cold water, snacks, fruits
Day 4: Chau Doc – My Luong - Cao Lanh

Enjoy the sunrise, taste tea, coffee, look over the endless rice paddies, and Cambodian borderline from Sam Mountain. After a hearty breakfast, you will transfer to Chau Doc town, and it takes about 15 minutes to drive. Take a short boat trip to a floating village, experience the local life whose tiny houses are on the river,  and see how wealthy people raise catfish. The floating fish farms were built with good quality waterproof and durable materials as big houses while floating homes are tiny on top of sampans.

After the boat, you cycle through the Muslim villages, past Muslim wooden stilts houses, stop at a busy village market, follow the small path to the verdant farmland, and have a ferry crossing Bassac River. Break for a coffee stop at a lively market and continue to explore a lowland in Dong Thap. The areas have yearly flooded in the wet season. Houses on stilts had been used in this land for a long time. Most are not solid stilt houses because locals built with local materials and proof usually change after 2 to 3 years.

We will have lunch in Cho Moi, following lunch with 30 minutes transfer to My Luong township, to continue your adventure to Cao Lanh. The weather is much more relaxed and your leisurely ride more enjoyable. Take some photos of the Monastery complex before the ride takes you through peaceful, seemingly undiscovered Gieng island and its rustic villages. Take today’s last ferry to a rural town, keep on cycling to Cao Lanh.

  • Sao Mai hotel
  • Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
  • 25 - 55 km
  • Flat - rural paths
  • support vehicles
  • cold water, snacks, fruits
Day 5: Cao Lanh – Xeo Quyt - HCM

You ride narrow lances from the hotel to get out of the town, past many brick factories along rivers, cross water channels on the little wooden bridges, and ride on a dirt track along the Mekong River. Stop to visit a small workshop weaving dried water hyacinths to make hats, handbags, bins and indoor sandals and so on. This is a chance you can buy some directly from the locals instead of paying high prices in Ho Chi Minh.

Enjoy watching green vegetation fields, passing mudfish farm, and mango orchard along the way. Break for a coffee in small towns, then carry on biking on country back roads, through the town takes concrete paths across the farmland and agricultural canals to Xeo Quyt forest. Enjoy lunch at a nice restaurant in the forest. Following lunch, to explore Viet Cong base and  Xeo Quyt forest.

The forest is a vast swamp and full of tall cajeput trees. The tree has a white spongy bark that easily flakes off the trunk, and locals love to use these for fires. Viet Cong built its base inside the forest in 1960 with bunkers, meeting rooms, command headquarter, etc. Xeo Quyt is an ecological site and offers rowed sampan to visit historical relics, admire the scenery, and learn about the touch life in Vietnam War. Enjoy a sampan boat row by Viet Cong, stop at some Viet Cong bunkers, walking to communist leaders’, learn about the Vietnam War and wildlife of the forest. Finally, you will transfer to Saigon in the late afternoon. Tour Ends!

  • Breakfast/ Lunch
  • 25 - 30km
  • Flat - rural paths
  • support vehicles
  • cold water, snacks, fruits


  • Meal, 8 breakfast, 3 lunchs
  • Transports
  • Flights
  • Trains
  • MBT
  • E - Bike
  • Boats Cruise
  • Aecommadation


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